In the past, in order to optimize operations and ensure that everything runs smoothly, manufacturers must track and monitor multiple variables throughout the business process. However, today's manufacture is becoming more and more complex, Refinement, and the scale is getting larger,it is a challenge to manufacturer to control all variables.Fortunately, as the close integration of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technology with the production process,the manufacturer can have a deeper understanding of what is happening in the factory, our industrial handheld terminal provides customers with the hardware equipment and equipment management system,and offer efficient management and tracking in warehouse,material,personnel supervision, produce,equipment management, etc.



1. Raw materials and spare parts tracing and inventory

2. Automatic production control

3. Production data collection and store, analysis

4. Products warehousing management within factory


Increase efficiency, reduce error rate,simplify query steps,reduce cost, manage easily.

All raw materials and spare parts are equipped with unique RFID tag ,the information include date, series number, size etc can be tracking,and in the progress of production all the poduction data can be  automatically send to the data center by data collector device,and related decision-making department can quickly know and take futher action,include purchasing,inventory management,quality control,delivery and so on.

Successful Cases

Production Management of Great Wall Motor

Post time: Apr-06-2022